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our company Humatex, a.s. Bílina was established in 2002 as a susbsidiary of Severočeské doly, a.s. Chomutov under the name SD-Humatex, a.s. In 2008 CARBOUNION BOHEMIA, spol. s.r.o. Praha became the sole owner of the company. In this connection, the name of the company has been changed to Humatex, a.s.

The companyś production programme consist of the extraction, physical and chemical treatment of oxyhumolite. Oxyhumolite is a part organic substances in a low degree of carbonization which is suitable for universal use. In view of the extraordinary properties of oxyhumolite, in particular its humic acids content, oxyhumolite-based products are predisposed for a wide variety od applications.

Our company is well aware of the use properties of oxyhumolite and the derived products. We follow the quality management system and product processing system which have been certified according to international standards ČSN EN ISO 8001:2009.

Dear busisness friends, we are convinced that in future, too, you will be allways satisfied with the use properties and quality of our companyś products and we shall appreciate your kind suggestions contributing to their innovation.

We are looking forward to our futher cooperation.

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