Potassic and sodium salts

Potassic and Sodium Salts of Humic and Fulvic Acids

These substances are mixtures of potassic or sodium salts of humic and fulvic acids. These salts are highly water soluble.

When the salts are applied into soil, the humic acids present disintegrate into fulvic acids due to the activity of microorganisms and re-synthesise again. The resulting cycles are very significant for the preservation of soil fertility. In addition, humic acids bind organic substances, which is important for both the plants themselves and the mitigation of the impact of toxic organic substances (pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls). They also bind complexing metals,thus preventing heavy metals from pervading agricultural crops. Alkaline humates alkalize acid soil, preventing it from further acidification for a long time. The impact of low doses of humic substances also reflectst in plants’ more intense reception of nutrients, especially nitrogen, phosphorus, microelements of boron and molybdenum, and chelate forms of iron, copper, zinc, and manganese microelements. Thus in practice, systemic application of humates results in a reduced need of mineral fertilization.

The average molecular weight of potassium humate is 32,000g/mol. Fractions with a molecular weight under 70,000 g/mol are referred to as low-molecular fractions and are characterized by superior properties. Their content in products ranges from 80 to 90 %. The content of potassium in potassium humate ranges from 14 to 16 %.

These substances thus have extraordinary biological effect. They support the rooting of young plants, contribute to higher in plants' performance and their resistance to unfavourable factors, and enhance the effec of mineral fertilization. Plants more easily adapt to ambient conditions and they better resist unfavourable impacts, e.g. fungal diseases and cold.The substances endanger neither animals nor beneficial insects.They are mixtures of potassic or sodium salts of humic and fulvic acids and admixtures.They are produced from oxyhumolite through neutralization and extraction of the humic acids present with potassium or sodium hydroxide in aqueous medium.

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