Fields of application

Production sortiment of the company Humatex, a.s. results from the research proven very good characters of the natural raw material, from which products are made. Their usage is possible in a wide range of application in the field of agriculture and industry. High product manufacture qualities ensure our consumers very good results in the economy of their business. Research results of the characters of the humic and fulvic acids and their influence on the development and growth of the plants, both in the plant production and in fruit growing and in indulgence of forest – tree species, raising of grape-vine and hops proved high effectivity of our products. Long term usage of our products in the industry focused on paper making industry, production of ceramic substances, geology and others, proves that usage of products of the company Humatex, a.s. has its foundation and and it is beneficial for the consumer.

Humic substances affecting microorganisms are used not only as soil activators, but also as admixtures to animal fodder, humidity removers, surface activators, raw materials for surface treatment of substances to increase their electric conductivity and/or antifungal activities, materials for production of gas sorbents and ion exchangers, admixtures and precursors for cosmetic creams, and substances in bio-technologies and medicine. Pharmacological and toxicological properties of humic acids are utilized in veterinary medicine.

The  Humatex, a.s. Bílina representatives are ready to discuss both the current production assortment and potential utilization of humic-acid-based chemical products.

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