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Product Registration: Product is registered by the Central Inspecting and Testing Institute for Agroculture in Prague, Czech Republic for agricultural use in compliance with Section 5, Clause 1 of the Act No. 156/1998 Coll. as amended. The Decision on Registration of FORTEHUM L/K is filed under the registration number 1806.

Trade Mark: product name FORTEHUM L/K is a protected trade mark registered with Industrial Property Agency in Prague under No. 192589.

Technical Standards: FORTEHUM L/K is manufactured in accordance with the joint-stock companyś technical standards marked TN-03.

FORTEHUM L/K is a solution of potassium humate manufactured through alcalic extraction of oxyhumolite (a specific kind of weathered brown coal). 13% of its weight

represent biologically active humic substances. Fortehum L/K works as a non-specific plant growth stimulator. Its mainly used for folium application through spraying or watering.

The effect of humic substances on plants is as follows:

The result of FORTEHUM L/K application is as follows:

FORTEHUM L/K can be applied jointly with fertilizers and pesticides in the doses of 0,6 litre per hectare for one treatment. It can be used for all field crops, vegetables, fruit trees, wine, hops, decorative plants and special crops. Most effective are the applications at early stages of plants´development and it is advisable to make three applications.

FORTEHUM L/K is toxicologically harmless for people, it does no harm to environement, and represents no danger to animals or beneficial insects. There is no need of any safety period after application. Due to its alcaline reaction, it is necessary to use personal aids for protection of eyes and skin.

The resarch of Fortehum L/K technology and application has been performed by the producer and distributor jointly with the Research Institute of Anorganic Chemistry,a.s, Ústí nad Labem and Research Institute of Plant Production, Prague-Ruzyně.

Per Hectar Treatment Costs Under Three Applications: CZK 130,- up to CZK 150.-

Producer: Humatex, joint stock company, Bílina.

Producer: HUMATEX,joint stock company; Důlní 199, Bílina (postal code 418 01), Czech Republic. Decision of Product Registration number: 1806.

Chemical and physical properties:

humidity up to 80%, ash up to 10%, pH value from 8,5 up to 10,5, minimum humic substances content at least 13%, insoluble substances of over 0,5 mm content up to 1%.

Hazardous substances content meets legally estblished limits in mg/kg: cadmium 1,0; lead 1,0; mercury 1,0; arsen 10; chromium 50.

FORTEHUM L/K – auxiliary plant agent- contains biologically active humic and fulvic acids. FORTEHUM L/K is manufactured from oxyhumolite (weathered brown coal). The humic and fulvic acids present in the raw material have been trasformed through alcalic raction in suitable environment into solution. It is a brown-black liquid of characteristic odour. Inview of its biologically active humic substances content, the agent has a comprehensive positive efect on plants and soil thus assiting to to increase yields, crop quality and improve health quality of the plants. It is no substitute for basic fertilization.

The extent and method of application

FORTEHUM L/K is used as a water solution for spraying the leaves (folio application) ofagricultural, garden and special plants, for dipping the seed and seedling roots, and for watering.

Folio application is the basic way of use. Most effective is a repeated application starting at early stages sof growth. The dose from 0,5 litre up 1,0 litre per hectare is used for each application. Forehum L/K can be used jointly with pestidices and folium fertilizes mixed with water quantity usual at these applications.

Dipping of seeds, plant roots and watering: 5ml of Fortehum L/K is added to 10 litres of water. Seeds or plat roots are dipped at least for two hours and subsequently sown or planted. Watering by FORTEHUM L/K water solution (5ml per 1 litre of water) is performed ater sowing or planting to plants or over the area. During the vegetation period watering is repeated in the intervalls of 10-14 days. Every watering in the dose of 3-5 litres per 10 square meter.


Labour safety instructions:

Keep out of the reach of childern.
In case of contact with skin, cash immediately with plentz of water and seek medical adice.
After contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of water end soap.
Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye/face protection.

Storage conditions:

FORTEHUM L/K is to be stored in dry ventilated storehouse, separately from foodstuffs and fodder. It can be stored in all types of storage bins designed for liquid fertilizers suitable also for irritting substances. In teperatures below minus 7°C FORTEHUM L/K tends to congeal. As the tepmerature rises above freeizng point , the agent spontaneously gradually turns into liquid again without any loss of its effectiveness. In order to ensure homogeneity, it is nesessary to stirthe product before use.

Packing: 25 litres, 50 litres, 100 litres, one cubic meter, and further according to the loading

list of the container

Expiration period: 5 years from production date

Production date: Production batch number:

Method of Foliage Application of Potassium Humate on Field Crops

Way of application:

HK is applied on the leaves during the vegetation period. It is used as a water solution jointly with fertilizers and pesticides. The concentration (dose) of fertilizers and pesticided is to follow the recommendation of the respective producer. At joint application, the pH value of the solution must not drop bellow pH 5,5. Before joint application, a miscibility test should be performed for the concentrations applied. Should a precipitate develop, joint application is not possible. Potassium humate is suitable for joint use with most known fertilizers and pesticides.

The dose of liquid potassium humate concentrate for one application is 0,6 l/ha.

Preparation of the solutiion for application:

Potassium humate is supplied as a liquid cooncentrate from which a solution for application is prepared in the sprinkler tank (method TANK MIX). The solution for application can be also prepared for store.

Approximtely 1/3 of the tank is filled with water and subsequently liquid fertilizers and pesticides are added. Before completing the filling in of the tank (3/4 full) , potassium humate is added. When water with calcium content over 150 mg per litre is used, a considerable developement of flakes follows, which may jam the sprinkler sieve.

The procedure is similar when instead of water concentrated liquid nitrogen fertilizers ( DAM 390, Agrosam, Unifert, etc.) are used. Before adding to the fertilizer, potassium humate is diluted by water in the proportion 1:1.

Timing of HK aplication for individual crops


First application- from shooting, jointly with herbicides, growth regulators (hibernation)


Second application is possible if conditions allow.


1st application - at the time of regenerative fertilization joointly with fertilizers, or with

herbicides and fungicides.

2nd application - at the time of first productive fertilization, jointly with fertilzers or with herbicides, growth regulators and fugicides.

3. and futher application - at any next entry into the growth, jointly with fertilizers and


1st application – from the phase of second leaf, jointly with herbicides.

2nd application - at the phase of sprouting, jointly with pesticides and fertilizers.

3rd application- at the phase of shafting or later, jointly with fungicides and fertilizers.


    • Poppy

1st application - from the phase of four leaves, jointly with herbicides.
2nd application - anytime, jointly with insecticides and fertilizers.

1st application – at the phase of haulm growth (about 15 cm lenght) , jointly with

fungicides and fertilizers.

2nd and possibly further applications – from the phase of bud-forming until the onset of

vegetation ending, jointly with fungicides, insecticides and fertilizers.

1st application - at the phase of two true leaves, jointly with the last application of


2nd and possibly further applications – jointly with fungicides, insecticides, fertilizers,

every time sprinking of the growth is performed.


Garden Application of Potassic Humate

FORTHENUM L/K can be applied for all types of vegetables, fruits, decorative plants and vine.

Application method:

FORTHENUM L/K is applied during vegetation period in the form of water solution jointly with fertilizers and pesticides. Fertilizers and pesticides are to be in the concentration (dose) as proposed by the respective producer. In such joint application the pH value of the solution must not drop below 5,5 pH. Before joint application a miscibility test is to be performed for the concentrations applied. Should a precipitate develop, joint application is not possible. FORTHENUM L/C is suitable for joint application with most known fertilizers and pesticides.

When water with a calcium content over 150 mg per litre is used, a considerable development of flakes follows which may jam the sprinkler sieve .

Preparation of solution for application

6ml of the concentrate delivered is mixed with 10 l of water which corresponds the amount of 0,6 l per 1000 liters of water. (In view of high viscosity of the HK solution , it is advisable to dilute the solution by water in the proportion 1:1 and subsequently use double dose when preparing a small volumes).

Uses of solution prepared for application

  1. Seedlings cultivation

Watering by the humate solution immediately after sowing. Watering by the solution to be repeated weekly until seedlings planting.

  1. At sowing, planting into soil or substrate

a) Roots dipping- for better rooting of the plants. Forthenum L/C can be mixed with other agents for the purpose. Free-rooted seedlings of vegetables, fruit trees , shrubs and flowers can be dipped into the humate solution for several hours, let drip off and planted.

b) Watering after sowing and planting – for the transplanting shock mitigation and sprouting energy enhancement. Watering by humate solution over the area sown with vegetables, flower or grass seeds. Watering by humate solution over area or pots after planting seedlings of vegetables, fruit or decorative wood species and flowers. Watering concentration of 5 l per square meter is applied.

c) Watering during vegetation period- humate solution can be applied for repeated watering , best in the intervals of 10-14 days dudring the whole vegetation period of the plant. It is used for all types of vegetables, fowers, decorative and fruit wood species. It is suitable for all watering methods. Watering is applied in the concentration of 2-3 l per square meter. Joint application of humate with fertilizers improves reception of nutrients by the plants.

  1. Spraying by shoulder sprinklers

When using pesticides, it is possible to add also folium fertilizers for vegetables, fruit wood species and vine and apply jointly humate in the spraying. At preparing the sprinkler, it is first 1/3 filled with water, the measured quantity of the pesticide and fertilizer is added and subsequently water again pooured in to make the sprinkler half full. Finally, humate is added and water poured in again to make the sprinkler full.

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